Blaylock Tone Rings can be purchased
from Bill Blaylock or Frank Neat

$550.00 - Regular Gold Plate or Nickel Plate


Can be purchased from from Bill Blaylock
or J.D. Crowe at his shows

$600.00 - Nickel Plated    or    $650.00 - Gold Plated

To all banjo players: Some of you had the chance, as I did to attend these shows. The year was 1962, back in the day when all the bluegrass bands came on stage, some of them playing before they even reached the microphone. All were dressed the part, and enjoyed putting on the best show they possibly could. I went to see many of the shows in Cleveland Ohio. Having moved here from Tennessee in 1957 and there was very little Bluegrass music around here.

At this time, Jimmy Martin was in High Cotton, (so to speak) and with him was one of the hottest banjo players around, J.D. Crowe. Yes, I was lucky enough to see and hear him on stage. What a thrill for a Wanna-be-banjo player. Of course all in the band were great musicians, but my eyes and ears was mostly on that "hot banjo picker". If any of you were lucky enough to attend one of these shows, you know what I am talking about. This memory has been permanently etched in my mind. JD taking a break in front of the one microphone, but close by was the guitar of Jimmy Martin. Wow, what a sound!

I remember wishing at the time to be able to play like that. So here, it is 46 years later, and with all the practice and determination, finally I can honestly say with confidence (I still wish I could play like that).

At that time, J.D. and Jimmy had recorded a tune that gave me goose bumps just to hear it "It still does", BEARTRACKS.

No, I never was able to play a banjo like him and never will, but the next best thing has come my way, and that is having the opportunity to make the J.D. Crowe BEARTRACKS tone ring. It is a very good tone ring and each of them will have JD's personal signature, along with a beartrack imprint. All the rings will be in his hands for the permanently etched signature. The rings are numbered in each series with a batch number, and ring number. The first batch number is 83 and 1 through 50 so the numbers will appear in this manner 83-1/50, 83- 12/50, all the way to 83- 50/50. All rings in order to be legitimate have to have the signature plus the beartrack imprint along with the numbers.

To have this honor of making the JD Crowe BEARTRACKS tone ring, until recently was only a dream. My thanks to all the many banjo pickers, who are also friends, for their help with testing the rings and providing personal input.

A special thanks to J.D.Crowe for the opportunity and the trust in my work. But, most of all I thank the Lord Jesus, for the ability to do the work.